webshop for aatvos.com


aatvos, as an interior architect, was facilitating more and more workshops at libraries, to redesign their spaces. The products (cards and picking fans) that were used in these workshops, grew a higher demand. We added a webshop to the website, that is easy and quick to use.

Starting point

The website was recently updated. So the corporate identity needed to be carried through the new section; the webshop.

Since there were no intentions in growing the webshop to provide more than 20 products, it was possible to:

  • spotlight the product
  • adding the product to the cart
  • editing the quantity (without having to go to the cart)
  • completing the order with the supported payment methods
  • only in just a few steps.

The design was made in Adobe XD, built with the atomic design / building blocks principle to keep the design library always up-to-date.