This is me, Lisa Veurink, a 27-year old Digital Designer, located in the Amsterdam/Utrecht area (Almere)

I am specialized in UX design from my Bachelor of Communication & Multimedia Design studies. This term can be interpreted in many ways nowadays but for me the focus lays mainly on researching/within the target group, testing and validating designs through eg interviews and user tests. I work with the Atomic Design design system (from Brad Frost) and have experience with Adobe XD, Sketch and InVision.

During my studies and working life, I’ve developed skills on a broader spectrum, such as:

• Devise and visually/textually design online campaign concepts
• Set up converting landing pages (WordPress)
• Testing and optimizing websites (UX)
• Setting up and optimizing campaigns on Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn and Google (CPC and SEA)
• Set up and send out mailings (HubSpot, MailChimp and Sharpspring)
• Set up and execute content calendars