september 1, 2015




This is me, Lisa Veurink, a 23 year old student Communication and Multimedia Design. After 3,5 years I’ve reached the final stage of my education – graduating.

During my studies I’ve gained knowledge on a broad spectrum: marketing, concepting, storytelling, av-production and web design. In my third year I chose to specialize in user experience design. This turned out to be a great choice for me, since I discovered that I like the combination of both researching and creating for an app or product.

The time came to do a 20-week internship in the 2nd term of my third year. Video Marketing company metMotion, based in Utrecht, is where I chose to do this. Here I was able to grow more into the role of an independent User Experience Designer.

For my fourth year I chose to do my minor abroad; in Sweden. I enrolled into Linköpings Universitet for the fall semester in 2017.